‘If you can’t run then walk if you can’t walk then crawl, whatever you do just make sure you are moving forward.’’ That’s an overly used quote by either Dr. King or Malcolm X, I can’t really recall who said it but am pretty sure its not one of our Kenyan leaders, hahaha HOW?!…LOL…shots fired.


    Having goals, patience and consistency are probably the known main traits that lead to progress. Some of us have all this but fail to see results. Here’s probably why: Your diet is perhaps a full contradiction of all the work you put in at the gym (so let this be the first thing you look


    Yes, we’re living in a society where having a great physique has become a necessity and with this we may have completely lost the understanding of the word ‘Fitness’.  Most of us work out because someone made an in-appropriate comment on our appearance or pretty much mainly because we’re trying to fit in this society.

  • Hit or be hit

    The holidays are around the corner and nearly everyone is imagining themselves flaunting their beautiful summer bodies by the beach with their loved ones. You’re there, still wondering if by then you will have gained that “perfect’ body to flaunt. All I can say is, it is possible. Where there is a will there is

  • The versatile ball

    Ever decided to incorporate the medicine ball in your workouts? Yes, No? Not to feel overly concerned. Also known as therapy ball or birth ball, it is an extremely versatile tool that is more often than not underutilized in the gym.

  • Pages from Orie’s Diary

    So, I started working out the other day. Yaaaaay! Okay nice for me but everyone works out, what’s the big deal, RIGHT? Let me walk you through my story a bit. Am 24 years old. I am 5’9” and weigh 57 kg. Am typically what every nutritionist would label underweight. Am so skinny, that at

  • Why gyms selfies matter

    While we appreciate that some people share photos for self-esteem’s sake, can we take a moment to consider gym selfies could mean something else? It’s hard to get started and to keep going; but making others aware of your new goals and your workouts is the first great step to getting there. This is so

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