#SafeWithUs #BeSmart

Gyms are now open and in operation!

Thank you so much for everyone’s patience and support during our closure. Following Ministry of Health guidance, we are now delighted to confirm that the doors to all our gyms are open.

The following measures have put in place measures to ensure safety amongst as all;

  • Visibly mounted notice on screening of staff and clients.
  • Visible mounted notice on promotion of hand hygiene and physical distancing.
  • Floor marking to guide the physical distancing within the facility.
  • Adequate ventilation and lighting.
  • Staggered and spaced out workstations on either side.
  • Contactless payments such as M-pesa.
  • Alcohol based hand sanitizers at facility entry and exit points, as well as around gym
  • Trained cleaners assigned for cleaning and disinfection roster.
  • Valid Medical examination certificates for all personnel.
  • Proof of personnel tested and certified to be Covid-19 negative by a Government certified laboratory.
  • Proof of Covid Safe Sports Coaches and Official certification.

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We have come this far together and look forward to having you all back in the units and training hard. Great news is the memberships remain frozen until August 1st and you will get ten days free in July after which all memberships will be re-instated from August 1st.

Our #SafeWithUs Commitment

Your wellbeing is our highest priority. As part of our #SafeWithUs commitment, we will be introducing several cleaning, hygiene and social distancing measures to keep you safe.

Cleaning and Hygiene

1. Let’s #KeepItClean 

  • We are working hard to ensure that our equipment and facilities are kept spotless at all times. We have increase cleaning measures throughout the gym and our gym team are here to assist you as and when you need it.

2. Do Your Bit, Clean Your Kit

  • Let’s work together to keep the gym really shiny and safe for each other. We would really appreciate your help by wiping down your equipment once you have used it. You’ll find sanitising spray available.

3. On Your Marks… Ready… Set… Sanitise

  • You’ll find a hand sanitiser dispenser on the other side of the entrance portal to access as soon as you have used the biometric access. It’s there for you to use before and after your workout too or you could just go old school and wash your hands using hot water and soap. Whatever works for you.

Social Distancing

4. That’s #CloseEnough

  • We’re definitely a friendly bunch here but always do your best to maintain a safe gap between you and other members when you’re queuing, as you move around the gym, when you workout, and when you use the changing rooms. Some equipment has been taken out of action to maintain social distancing and we’ve put down floor markers to help you as well, so please use them. No high fives allowed but we tend to find a simple “Hello! How are you doing?” goes down very well.

We’re #GymItTogether

5. Great Things Come To Those That Wait

  • Please can we ask that you’re patient with your gym team and other members, particularly where we need to maintain social distancing to keep everyone safe. We know it’s annoying to have to queue or wait for equipment but do bear with us, it will be your turn soon. If you’re not happy with anything then let a member of the gym team know. Remember, it’s been tough for everyone recently though, so let’s look after each other as best we can.

Joining Our Gyms

We’re now accepting new joiners at our gyms. Sign up for a membership now to be ready for when we reopen. You won’t pay anything until we reopen. Joining fees may apply.

We Want To Keep You Informed

We know that exercise plays a significant part in the lives of our members so we’re planning to provide our members with some exercise content that they can use outside of the gym or at home. We’ll be providing more information on this soon.

    • We continue to monitor the coronavirus situation closely and will update members via email.
    • To help keep you informed we have listed all of the most topical questions below in our dedicated Coronavirus FAQs which we will also be updating frequently.
    • If you have any questions about your membership please visit smartgyms.co.ke and contact us or call 0712 40 40 40

More information on coronavirus can be found on the Ministry of Health and WHO websites.