‘If you can’t run then walk if you can’t walk then crawl, whatever you do just make sure you are moving forward.’’ That’s an overly used quote by either Dr. King or Malcolm X, I can’t really recall who said it but am pretty sure its not one of our Kenyan leaders, hahaha HOW?!…LOL…shots fired. On a serious note, I think there is too much WEIGHT (no pun intended) in that quote because regardless of how slow you are, what really counts is the progress you are making.

Were you able to move from point A to B to C? if So, then kudos. Really, God bless the child that can hold their own, Kudos to you even if you only made it to point B and point C felt like too much. The only failure here is if you never tried at all.

Boy oh boy! Am I good with words. Could be! It also could be that am the same person that felt like point C was too much. Either way, am having too much fun at the gym and that’s the biggest irony I’ve encountered in like a decade. Wait, the biggest irony was me being a skinny, out of shape guy that earned his daily bread working in a gym. Wrong tense Oriema, is it ‘was’ or ‘is’?

It’s actually ‘was’ and am proud to announce that after 2 months of changing my diet and constantly eating like 3 people in one, I’ve been able to gain a few kilograms on top of my previous underweight situation.

Carbohydrates before workouts, a lot of proteins AFTER and an excellent ass-kicker fitness trainer (Charmaine Gow) that has an articulate plan for me of how I should look like in 8 months. She was honestly going for Trey Songz physique or whatever but am still caught in between deciding who I want to look like. It’s either The Rock or John Cena. Yes sir! Am trying to be that child they had just not to get locked out of a club ever again.

A lot of times am an inch away from giving up but then I think about how many people expect me to and how much am going to let my amazing trainer down, after I begged her to coach me for days (don’t judge) and I decide to do ONE MORE REP. Not because I want to or I have more stamina than I used to but BECAUSE she always look at me in the eye like its either one more rep or my fist in your face. Haha she looks pretty tough I don’t want problems with her like that.

Am pushing myself so hard, so much that am doing 40-50 push ups a day when am home and making sure am in the gym working out at least 5 times a week. How about that for persistence bro! The pain my muscles undergo cannot be put in words but when am taking a shower and I look in the mirror and see my body starting to look more defined I feel a certain bliss that makes up for the pain easy. That’s the only time I can say triumph is nothing If doesn’t come from tragedy. TRUST THE PROCESS, AM LOWKEY WINNING.

Major shout out to Smart Gyms and Fitness Boma (Mother of the Mixfit clan)



By Hanningtone Oriema