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Yes, we’re living in a society where having a great physique has become a necessity and with this we may have completely lost the understanding of the word ‘Fitness’.  Most of us work out because someone made an in-appropriate comment on our appearance or pretty much mainly because we’re trying to fit in this society. We’ve become so aware of how we look. It’s become all about the appearance! There’s no shame in that! If I was to state 3 reasons as to why I work out, Health would probably come in third. Having that great physique being first. Most of us can relate to this.  Here’s the thing though, for whatever reason you were working out, with or without your knowledge, YOU still touched on that ‘health’ part. For whatever reason you went to the gym, YOU had the correct mindset to start and finish your session. Do you realize just how strong you are? So! SCULPT IN THE NAME OF WHATEVER! You’re still getting the job done.


By Charmaine Gow ~~ Mother of the MixFit Clan.

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