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Why gyms selfies matter

While we appreciate that some people share photos for self-esteem’s sake, can we take a moment to consider gym selfies could mean something else?

It’s hard to get started and to keep going; but making others aware of your new goals and your workouts is the first great step to getting there. This is so since now you’ll have “accountability partners” who might want to see your downfall but keep you on toes on your journey.

It is never easy. Honestly, the struggle is real. Daily, you’ll have that dilemma on what to eat or drink and how to live a certain way not to compromise your efforts and objectives in your fitness journey. Posting that photo or writing that status update about your experience on social media, is bound to get likes and comments, which offers encouragement that will make your next choices even easier. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like compliments? They are fun!

Nothing satisfies more than a great before and after. But how does it happen? With documentation! You could keep those photos to yourself! either way, it’s fun to look back, share memories with others, and see evidence of the people, places, and activities that got you to where you are today.

The digital space is never smooth. Criticism and malign are part of it but not to despair. Keep your head high, share the growth, soldier on and focus on that fit-lane. 

With that said, go ahead — show off that confidence or accomplishment to friends and family, and reach out for support as often as you want. Flaunt that body and be proud of every progress. However small, it is still progress.

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