Can I call you?

Yes you can. See our contact page for the phone number to call. You can also reach us on our our Instagram (@SmartGymsKe), Twitter (@SmartGymsKe) and Facebook (@SmartGyms) handles. Feel free to slide in our DMs (:

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Will someone help me to get started on my first visit?

Feel free to ask at the reception or trainers on the floor if you need any assistance. We are here for you.

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If I sign up today can I work out?

Absolutely! Yes you can start immediately.

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Do you have an app?

Yes. We have an app for Android and iPhone/IOS. You can also use the website to log in and book for classes.

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Can I pay upfront for 1 year?

Yes. For the cost of two six month memberships you can have an annual membership. See the membership page for more details.

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I’ve lost my entry card. How do I get a new one?

We use bio-metric access control. No worries about losing your card, you wont need one.

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What are the opening times?

Our Opening Hours are 5am to 10pm every day!

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Is there parking available?

Yes there is plenty of parking available.

Junction Mall: Before 7pm it costs only KES 50 for three hours parking. After 7pm to 4am it costs KES 50 all night.

Diamond Plaza 2: Parking is Ksh.50 for an hour

Southfield Mall: First hour is free. Afterwards, Ksh. 50 for every hour.

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What are the shower facilities like?

So fresh and so clean. We think they’re great, with separate male and female dressing rooms with private shower cubicles and plenty of lockers. Please make sure you bring a padlock if you would like to use the lockers. Visit your local Smart Gyms and a member of staff will be happy to show you around.

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What are your holiday opening times?

We’re open over holidays but there may be a few changes. Our opening times are:

NEW YEARS: 8:00AM – 4.00PM

Follow our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and website for news on gym schedules.

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Do you have WiFi?

Yes. Free WiFi for all our members.

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Do you have a sauna, steam room or swimming pool?

No, at Smart Gyms we are focused on a fantastic gym experience, best equipment & great classes. Come pay us a visit, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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What equipment do you have?

Only the best for our members! Our gyms are full of top of the range equipment from manufacturers like Life Fitness and TKO. Arrange a visit to your local Smart Gyms to see it for yourself.

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How secure is the gym?

Smart Gyms are always staffed and we will be on hand if you need us. We also have a bio-metric access control system and the gym is monitored by CCTV.

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Do you have water fountains?

Yes, water dispensers they’re available in all gyms. We are also introducing a range of products including protein shakes, energy drinks, towels and padlocks that can be purchased from vending machines.

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Are there paper dispensers for wiping down equipment?

Disposable paper towels waste is bad for the environment. We have re-usable cloth towels which are disinfected and cleaner regularly however you’ll still need to bring a sweat towel. All members are required to bring a towel to keep themselves and their equipment clean. If you don’t have one you can purchase one from the vending machine.

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Can I hire a personal trainer?

Of course. Every Smart Gyms has personal trainers that you can hire. They’re usually self employed so you’ll need to speak to them directly. Every PT is different so do your homework and pick one that fits in with your goals and budget. When you’re ready approach a PT or send them an email to have an initial consultation.

You’ll be able to see profiles for each PT in the Smart Gyms app and on the posters when you visit the gym.

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Can I buy protein shakes and energy drinks?

Soon. We are planning to install vending machines in every Smart Gyms that would accept cash.

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Can I borrow a padlock?

We don’t have extra locks that you could borrow, but you can buy a new padlock from the surrounding shops. Please do not leave your belongings inside a locker without it being securely locked.

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What are the Gym Rules?

We have Gym Rules to ensure that everyone gets the safest and best experience from Smart Gyms. The complete list of rules can be seen on our Gym Rules, but the key things are;

1. Tidy up after yourself – put back weights, wipe sweat off equipment and replace mats when done.

2. Use common courtesies – do not drop weights, wait your turn, restrict comments to polite niceties, rather than offering advice on workout techniques, be nice to staff and other gym members.

3. Respect the workout environment – Keep conversations quiet and minimal, so other gym goers are not distracted from their exercise.

4. Safety first: Pay attention every moment to what you are doing — for your safety and the safety of those around you. Ask the instructors if you are not sure about how to use any equipment. They are here for you.

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Can I switch my membership between gyms?

Yes. This is very much possible once you subscribe to the 6-month membership or the annual membership. You gain access to all our three locations- Junction mall, Diamond Plaza 2 and Southfield mall units.

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If I am a member can I go to any Smart Gyms?

Yes. You can visit any of our Smart Gym’s unit if you take the 6-month membership or annual membership. Please keep an eye on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and website for news on any upcoming Smart Gyms’s and we can update you on all the details you need to know about new Smart Gyms locations.

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What happens if I lose or forget my membership card?

With our bio-metric access you will never have to worry about lost cards any more. Please always carry your fingers 🙂

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Can I freeze my membership?

Unfortunately not, but you can leave and rejoin for KES 1,000 when you’re ready to start your membership again.

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Is there a contract?

We do not lock you into a contract. You’ll be free to leave and rejoin whenever you feel like it.

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When are your new gym openings?

We’re are always opening new Smart Gyms’s! Please keep an eye on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and website for news on any upcoming Smart Gyms’s and we can update you on all the details you need to know on the new Smart Gyms’s locations.

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Is there a female only section?

No, the gym is open to all. There are dedicated changing rooms for men and women.

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Can I let other people use my membership?

No, sharing membership will lead to an indefinite ban. To protect our members’, bio-metric access control and CCTV monitoring are in place.

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How much does it cost?

Smart Gyms is the most pocket-friendly gym around. To see how much your Smart Gyms membership costs please visit the membership page.

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Why should I join before my gym opens?

There are fantastic pre-launch offers because we want as many members to join the gym so that it is active and buzzing as soon as the doors open. Joining early guarantees you’ll pay a discounted price. Please keep an eye on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and website for promotions around new gyms.

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Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can cancel your membership at anytime simply by not paying for the renewal of your membership.

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How do I rejoin the gym?

We welcome you back to Smart Gyms with open arms \o/, you will only need to pay the KES 1,000 re-joining fee.

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What is the minimum age to join?

You need to be over 18 years old to join Smart Gyms.

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Can I see the gym before I join?

Of course, we’d love for you to come and visit your gym. Come check us out and a member of staff can take you around.

If you want to work out and see the gym at the same time you’ll need to buy a day pass. You can buy a day pass for KES 1,200.

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Can I try Smart Gyms before joining?

Sure, we offer a day pass for KES 1,200.

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What should I bring on my first visit?

Please remember your towel, a padlock if you intend to use the lockers, a sweat towel and a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

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How do I get an entry card?

No need, we use bio-metric access at our gyms. All you need is yourself 🙂

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Can I pay for my membership with cash?

Sorry we do not take cash payments. We accept M-Pesa and most credit or debit cards.

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Are there showers?

Yes, we have private shower cubicles in all of our Smart Gyms.

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What is the joining/rejoining fee?

There is a one time joining fee of KES 1,000 to start the membership of your choice. This membership is continuous and should be renewed before it expires. A rejoining fee of KES 1,000 is charged for members who would like to renew their membership after it has has expired.

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What classes do you offer?

We offer a broad range of great classes. These classes are included in your membership for free. To get the most up to date timetable Download the Smart Gyms app and check out the classes section.

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How do I join?

Download the Smart Gyms app and fill a simple registration. Once you are registered simply make a payment to start using the gym immediately. You can pay by M-Pesa (Lipa na M-PESA > Pay Bill > business no. 566681 > Account no. is [your name] ) or by card at our reception.

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